An act of kindness: Things to do to take care of your neighbourhood

The place you call home does not just consist of four walls but involves the entire neighbourhood as well. To make the place you come back to every day a little better your contribution is important. No, you don’t have to skip work and start a social service in your neighbourhood but small acts of random kindness will go a long mile to make your neighbourhood a much better place. Here are a few things that you can definitely do to take of care of your neighbourhood. 

Take care of the flora and fauna

No, we are not asking you to build some terrific gardening skills nor are we asking you to open up a pet grooming centre. But occasionally take a walk to just feed your neighbourhood strays or water the plants or buy some compost once in a while. Such small acts of kindness will help the neighbourhood to become a more thriving place not just for humans but also for other living beings such as animals and plants.

Have a say in neighbourhood meetings

Your neighbourhood meetings or casual meetups are really important to attend. For you to have a neighbourhood as per your choices and conveniences you need to have a say in it. And for this, you will have to show up for these meetings. Don’t mistake these meetings of just tea and snack gatherings as they could be a great place to bond and network not just for the well-being of your neighbourhood but also for expanding your personal network as well. In case, you are a homepreneur then trust us, there’s no better place than this for you to do a little marketing. 

Be mindful of your neighbour’s routines

Whether it’s your house parties or just you cleaning your house make sure that you don’t disturb your neighbours in any way. Even if you are going to have an event that might continue until the wee hours or is going to cause some commotion then informing your neighbours in advance is always a good idea. If you start becoming mindful of your neighbour’s routine then they will too become mindful of your schedules. Get to know your neighbour’s life routines over a cup of coffee to bond with them. Maybe you will find your kind of weird just next door!

Follow the rules

Lead by example when it comes to taking care of the. Breaking rules was cool but following them is even cooler. When you start following all the rules in your neighbourhood such as segregating the garbage, keeping the corridors clean and following the entrance and parking rules other people too deem rules as an important decorum. If you are having trouble abiding by the set norms in the neighbourhood then may be someone else is becoming the example that you want to be. Observe how some good neighbours try to make your neighbourhood a better place to live for you and your other neighbours. Maybe you will not only learn a thing or two but will also become good friends with them.

Care for your neighbourhood pals

Your neighbourhood pals need not be all the people staying next door. They can be your neighbourhood shopkeeper, your guard, your liftman and maybe your gardener too. Everyone who has played an important part in making your life in the neighbourhood much easier are your friends. These people have been by your side without even you realizing it. Thank them and extend a helping hand to make your neighbourhood a better place for them as well.  

Invite your neighbours on Nebory

A well-connected neighbourhood is a happy neighbourhood. When you know what’s going around and who’s around you feel in control and also secure. Nebory will help you to stay connected with your neighbours and also keep you updated about all the important happenings in your neighbourhood. And to take of the neighbourhood is also to take care of the neighbours. So, spread the word and invite your neighbours on Nebory too so that they too feel secure and connected. 

Neighbourhoods are highly underestimated places. They play a dual role of your home and your immediate outside world as well. Hence, taking care of your neighbourhood is more a duty than an option. When you care for your neighbourhood you care for yourself and when you care for yourself you are happier and definitely much more at peace with your life. 

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