Types of Neighborhoods

Did you ever walk into a new neighborhood only to feel like it is a whole different world? Every neighbourhood has a different vibe and different stories to tell. Some have rustic lanes with age-old tales while the others are getting acquainted with new people and new vibes. Maybe that’s the reason why we feel at home in some neighbourhoods while others feel like faraway planets. This week we like to dwell into different neighbourhoods and the stories they bring to us and the way they make us feel. 

The Popular one

The whole city probably knows you. People figure out their way around your neighbourhood by keeping it as a landmark. The best part of staying in such a neighbourhood is you never have to use Google maps. Whether it’s Ola’s or Uber’s or Swiggy’s of the world, they all automatically find their way to you. The shops, hospitals and libraries in your area probably have named themselves after your neighbourhood’s name. And the best part is you can always give like a one-line address and people will still reach you.

The Big Family

Your neighbourhood is one big happy family. The norms of interacting with neighbours are slightly different here. You don’t invite anyone; people just arrive and leave. Inviting neighbors over for a tea and coffee is not a formality, it is a ritual instead. In this kind of neighbourhood, the neighbours know everything about each other. Every festival is celebrated together and every emergency is handled collectively. Most of the times,  such neighbourhoods don’t have assigned people in-charge. There’s no chairperson or an assigned person who looks after neighbourhood problems. It is considered as everyone’s prerogative to look after all the matters in the neighbourhood. Your neighbourhood is the embodiment of the close-knit community.

The Sophisticated

This is the most upmarket neighbourhood in the area. Everyone is cautious about the way they dress and the way they conduct themselves when in your neighbourhood. Everything from the finely chopped grass in the garden to dedicated parking spaces, your neighbourhood streets embody the definition of perfection. Most of your neighbours don’t tolerate anything that is far from prim and proper. If sophistication is your jam then this place will become your home.

The Old School

This neighbourhood looks like a paradise to the old souls. From rustic doors to archaic front porches your neighbourhood sings the good old songs. People visiting this neighborhood often forget about the modern click-clacks of the laptop and their phones and are happy to drown in the olden times. Most things in your neighbourhood appear like ancient relics. This place is probably the testimony to the progress in your city. The neighbourhood will occasionally find a photographer who wants to go in the black and white era or heritage walkers who want to get the taste of old-world charm. If you are staying in such a neighbourhood then you must have already turned an old soul or you might encounter many other old souls.

 A home in the city for outsiders

   Image result for the good people neighbourhood

This neighbourhood is full of people coming from other cities and countries. This place is often a little melting pot of cultures. Some people come here and stay here forever whereas others pack a bunch of memories within a short span of time and leave after a short period. The neighbourhood is often a second home for most people. You will see people sharing their hometown stories, missing their loved ones together and serving a taste of their home every once in a while. If you want to see unity in diversity, you might want to take a stroll in this neighbourhood to get a glimpse of it.

The active neighbourhood

Gym, jogging park, open-air yoga sessions or even a Zumba centre – you name it and you will get a fitness regime in this neighbourhood. This neighbourhood is the perfect example of how happy and healthy space looks like. If you want some motivation to stay fit then it’s high time you move to this place. You will surely be happy with the number on your weighing scale! 

Every neighbourhood has its own unique charm with varied personas. The people make the neighbourhood and the neighbourhood becomes our experience. It’s our safe place, it’s what we identify with, our neighbourhoods are much more than just names and a block of area. It often plays a very critical role in determining who we are. Let us know how’s your neighbourhood like and we shall explore ways to make it more cohesive with Nebory.

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