Things we must appreciate about modern neighborhoods

Nostalgia can be the strongest and the sweetest bug to bite us. The modern times may not have any nostalgic air about it but definitely possesses its own charm. That road going down the memory lane is often very enticing. However, we need to know when to take the detour and come back to our current lives. Similarly, in reminiscing, the neighborhoods of the past we don’t want to lose sight of the beauty that modern neighborhoods behold. Here are few unlikely and maybe unnoticed things that make our modern neighborhoods more welcoming than they seem. 

(P.S. You will be surprised by some of these) 

  1. Elevators

We all have a love-hate relationship with elevators. We hate them for being on the wrong floors at the most crucial times and love them looking at our double-digit floor numbers. However, elevators are also one of the spaces, (especially in our neighborhoods) that introduce you to your neighbors. We know that you have already popped out of your seat to remind us of the forever ducked heads in the phones that leave no possibility of befriending any stranger in the elevator. However, the comfortable silences shared in the elevator is a unique connection that you have formed with your neighborhood pals. If that sounds too good to be true then you can at least agree with the fact that you know who stays where, depending on the floor they get off on. And then there are of course those angels in human form who are considerate enough to hold the lift for you every time. 

  1. Gymnasiums

The plush modern housing complexes have everything from a swimming pool, WiFi, air conditioning to fitness hubs. These large rooms filled with all kinds of heavy machinery that promise to offload that fries and bacon weight often make for the best places to bond with your neighbors. These exclusive neighborhood gymnasiums are often the first place where you become friends with your neighbors. What better than having a next-door workout buddy! After all, some wise men preached that ‘People who work out together stay together’. 

  1. Friendly Guards

Thankfully the one thing that has been carried forward from the nostalgic era is the friendly neighborhood guard. Even if our neighborhoods seem to be disconnected and aloof these days the guards never cease to put up a smile and greet us. For most of us, our guards have been the only person we knew for a long, long time. We must thank them for being the warmest and the friendliest neighborhood pal. Maybe, instead of blaming the world for its disconnectedness we can take some lessons from the person who holds the door for us. 

  1. Maids

Though maids are an important part of our lives they are also equally important for maintaining the cohesiveness of the neighborhoods. Some of you might be wary of this but sometimes a light gossip here and there not only keeps you updated about your neighborhood but also helps you to know your neighbors. And who said gossip is always negative? For instance, most of you may take delight in knowing about the exceptional home décor skills of your next-door through your maids. The house help is often the neighborhood help as well. 

  1. Uber pools

We know that you will argue Ubers are not a part of any neighborhood. However, these on-demand ride-sharing services are often the best spot to strike a conversation with your neighbors. What are the odds of finding your neighbor in the same Uber pool you ask? Well, trust us, they are quite high. Hence, these shared rides take away the pressure of putting in special efforts to bond with your neighbors. After all, we all are well-acquainted with amazing conversations that take place when we hit the road. 

Some of you might be surprised by a few mentions above. However, the magic lies in the perspective. As we change our lens of looking at the world, we start noticing different things. The same is the case with all the above things and people from our modern neighborhoods. If we look beyond the transactional role, they play in our lives, we might be able to see the goodness of modern times too. How about next time you smile at the familiar stranger standing next to you in the elevator? 

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