Childhood neighborhoods – A box of memories

Schools, college and that first job, we all have plenty of memories in our nostalgia land. However, we often forget to include the most important place that filled our box of nostalgia. No, we aren’t talking about school days. We are talking about our childhood neighborhoods! Most of us have moved cities for studies and for jobs. We have taken some exotic vacations at some of the most beautiful places in the world. But our childhood home is the place that will always have a special place in our hearts. Whether it’s the first time we discovered our favorite books and hobbies or the place where we all experienced the magic of living in a close-knit community for the first time, neighborhoods were our Santa Clause for memories in disguise. Let’s take a walk down the nostalgia path and reminisce some good old neighborhood memories. 

1. The first neighborhood friend

Whether its summertime ice-cream breaks or watching Tom & Jerry on repeat, our neighborhood friendships were one of a kind. We not only made some of the best of friends around our homes but also built a bond that did not need any particular occasion or place to survive. No matter which European countries we travel to every summer these days, the memories with our childhood friends in our own backyard, eating mangoes will always be the golden days of our lives for most us.   

2. The play tree or the park

We all had at least one tree whose branches were our hanging rods. For those of you who were lucky enough to have a park in the neighborhood you might have enjoyed endless play dates with your neighborhood pals. Neighborhood parks were always the most favorite parks in the city for most of us because they were mostly accessible at any time of the day and sometimes even late in the evenings. As these fun places were always around the corner our moms never interrupted our playtime and even made hanging out with friends easier. 

3. The Pot lucks

This pop-culture concept dates back to the times when sharing a meal was a mandatory ritual in the neighborhood and did not require any special occasion to do so. The delicacies were always exchanged and everyone had collective or individual pot luck because of this sharing tradition. Even having dinner together was not any special ritual, it was a normal habit and people did not mind eating with the neighbors. Our childhood neighborhoods definitely embody the saying, ‘people who eat together stay together’. 

4. The Treats

Remember the times when you and your neighborhood friends were treated with unexpected surprises? We all had at least one generous neighborhood uncle or aunty who showered us with ice-cream or toffee every now and then. These noble souls made our childhoods sweeter and also helped us to acquire tastes for some old school candies. The likes of BuzzFeed speak for all of us when they write a long love letter to forgotten times about missing all the treats of the 90s era. 

5. The celebrations 

Neighborhood festive celebrations were not as grand as they are today but we can’t deny that they were much more fun. We did not have DJs playing the remixes of latest songs back then but we sure did know how to enjoy timeless tunes together. The long weekends were not meant to escape from the world around us it was always about spending more time with everyone around including our neighbors, it was all indeed a way to blend in and not zoom out of the environment.

The wooden benches, the paper stands, the good old post boxes and house gates or doors that were always open to inviting people – our neighborhoods made for one of the best childhood memories. But the world has rapidly changed and so have the neighborhoods. The once-bustling corridors now remain barren without any human contact. Nostalgia not only brings back the memories of being a child but also excavates memorable moments that taught us about being a community and extending love and affection beyond blood bonds. At Nebory, we are taking lessons from the good old times to build cohesive neighborhoods so that you don’t just feel safe behind the closed doors of your home but also in your neighborhood. Let us know what favourite memories from your neighborhoods are and tag us to help us know your magical neighborly moments. 

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