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The very first thought…


What’s the first thing that pops-up when you think about a good neighbor? Most of the times it’s a critical analysis of who in your neighborhood qualifies to be a good neighbor. How about for a change this time you turn the tables and think how to be a good neighbor instead? Let’s admit that no matter how distant our neighborhoods have become; our first line of defense are always our neighbors. It might be easier to pick up a phone and dial your closest friends to seek help but it’s practical to knock on the first door outside your own in case of emergencies. Agree? Building healthy relationships will pay off sooner or later. Here’s how to become a good neighbor and build that neighborhood bond. 

 Say hello when you cross paths


A simple hello, or a nod or a smile might light up someone’s day. By greeting someone you   acknowledge the other person’s presence. Friendly greetings are infectious. If you start greeting them then they will do the same. And the ripple effect will make your entire neighborhood full of people who stop by to greet each other. What better than starting this warm greeting revolution in your neighborhood?

Spend time on the neighborhood benches                      


Whether it’s a bench or a small park, spend time outside the four walls of your home. This could be just taking a walk or reading a book in the park. With some fresh air you will also build some fresh connections in the neighborhood.

Know their schedules    

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No, we are not asking you to become a next-door spy. However, be mindful of their schedule when you want to visit them. Or do not create confusion that may disturb their quality time at home. Let’s know how each other’s clocks run and we could be at eternal peace with our neighbors!

Involve them in your happenings   


It doesn’t take much to let people know about your life. Share what you are up to and let them know that they are welcome to do so too. Invite them for small celebrations such as birthdays and random house parties. You can even host some movie nights or Karaoke sessions with your neighbors. 

DND pets and kids                      

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This rule goes both ways. Whether it is you who have little munchkins and furry friends or it is them. Be mindful that nobody gets into trouble by disturbing kids or pets. After all, we all love our kids and pets to the moon and back!

Share holiday and festive treats

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Everybody loves that extra cookie or sweets on festive occasions. Don’t forget to knock on other doors with a hearty serving of festive warmth. Not only will this gesture make you a better neighbor you might also land with a plate of full delicacies in exchange.

Share your interests


Whether it is letting them borrow your books or playing a game share your interests with them.  Do this once you get to know them and don’t forget to ask them about their hobbies and musings. What better than having a next-door neighbor who shares your hobbies or introduces you to new ones?

Recommend things in the neighborhood

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Your favourite restaurant, your favourite gym or just your favourite route to the nearest mall – tell them your best recommendations. Every new person in the neighborhood will definitely appreciate some recommendations that helps them with settling down in a new place. It’s not really rocket science to get in your neighbor’s good books. You don’t have to convince anyone to be your friend but a few small gestures like these will at least reflect that you are a good person/neighbor. 

And we are sure that feels super good! 

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