If social media apps were our neighbors


We all are social animals and by that, we mean social media addicts. Our life wouldn’t have been the same without the red color notifications, the heated Twitter conversations and dolling with Instagram stories. We live in the virtual world as much as we live in the real world. This made us think of the possibilities that can take place if these apps which are an integral part of lives, became living, breathing human beings. Hence, we decided to explore how these apps would behave if they became our neighbors. P.S. maybe you already know some people who personify your favourite social media apps



This neighbor is the one who gives you everything from existential crisis to sky-rocketing goals of happening life. Not only do they live a very envious life but they also make sure that everyone knows about it. They are probably the primary reason for your inferiority complex. Despite all this, you can’t imagine your neighborhood without the glamour and panache that this neighbor brings with him/her. In all, even though you wish sometimes that you don’t want them around, in your heart you know that you need them to spice up the routine of the neighborhood. So, gear up to listen to their tirade about their latest exotic vacations soon!

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If you are low on knowledge about current events then this person will fill you up with it. Known as the most woke neighbor; this person has opinions on everything and anything. Sometimes, they intellectually stimulate you and other times they are busy enforcing their own views on everyone around them. They are also probably that one neighbor whose newspaper bills are higher than their electricity bills because they like to always be the newspaper themselves for other neighbors. You never know, this could be the annoying uncle in your neighborhood who plays news so loud that you never have to switch to the news channels on your own television set.


Image result for they introduced you to most of your neighbors!

Once upon a time, this neighbor used to be the most popular person in your neighborhood (just like the app). However, with others taking the center stage, they have lost their limelight. They sometimes update you about the happenings in the neighborhood and sometimes they update others on what’s happening with you.  There was once a time when they used to be always around for every occasion, event and emergencies. These days you seldom see them but when you do, it’s always good to catch up with them. Though they have taken the backstage you still cannot imagine socializing in the neighborhood without them. After all, they introduced you to most of your neighbors!



Though they are not as popular as some of the neighbors they are the much-needed ones, this neighbor is low key yet does all the due diligence in the neighborhood. You are glad to have them around and sometimes they become the only ones with whom you interact. However, sometimes they may bug you with unnecessary updates. Whether it’s just getting a spoonful of sugar or updating you on the neighborhood events, they are always very resourceful. Though they do the most basic neighborly duties you can’t imagine your life without them.


This neighbor is a blessing in disguise. Once you meet them you know you don’t need anyone else to survive in this neighborhood. They bring you all the necessary information and yet never disturb you. They introduce you to the neighbors that you would really want to connect with. They will give you some updates but not too many. They also connect you with people who might be just the right people to connect for your home business, emergencies or any other matter. You pretty much are willing to introduce them to everyone you meet and you often do so.

You might know at least one personified example of these apps in your neighborhood. If you don’t then it’s high time that you connect with people in your neighborhood and explore their interesting personalities and your interesting neighborhoods. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed!

Neighborhood is an entire world in itself. With different people living different lives yet amalgamating together as one family, neighborhoods are the best places to observe how human relationships are formed beyond blood and social order. At Nebory, our aim is to nourish and enrich such incredible neighborhoods with connections that go beyond just sharing the same wall. Download the app today and explore new ways of connecting with your neighbors!

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