What if these famous people were your Neighbors

We all are quite thrilled by the idea of staying alongside a famous person. It’s always a pride to boast that you live next to so and so and know about them. So, we re-imagined the Neighborhoods with these timeless personalities as your Neighbors. Take a look at these famous people as your Neighbors and let us know who you would want to have as next-door pals. Don’t worry we’ll help you make the decision as we give you some famous quotes by these renowned people!

Virginia Woolf

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With an understanding of life that seems unfathomable, this Neighbor always seems too wise for his/her age. You know there’s wisdom around the corner with them staying in your Neighborhood. Their collection of books is drool-worthy for every bibliophile. Though everyone thinks they are a good company they like to spend their time in solitude. 

Bill Gates

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They probably have the most enticing house and a car. This rich kid on the block also has a big heart. They give away generous amounts in the donation and also help around with other nitty-gritty in the Neighborhood. All the events in the Neighborhood are largely sponsored by them and those extra samosas for kids during festivities mostly come from their pocket. 

Bob Marley

famous quotes by famous people க்கான பட முடிவு


Let’s admit that we all would have loved to have our favourite pop culture icons as our neighbors. These artists made our teenage years memorable. Even now some quirky cafes around the corner can be seen flaunting such motivational and nostalgic quotes and throwback pictures of them. If you have Bob Marley for your neighbor then you know that you would never meet a more chilled person in your life than him/her. Their outlook towards life puts you at ease and they will often be a good company to spend some relaxed evenings. Their house most of the times will be very minimalistic yet pretty and they don’t mind having a cup of tea with you whenever you want. But don’t mistake them for their lax attitude, for they are filled with some crucial life lessons that they will gift you only once you get to know them.

Oprah Winfrey

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This Neighbor’s life’s story is always the most inspiring story you will hear. Everyone knows and respects the hardships they have overcome. They know inspire you and you inspire them. They are incredibly hard working and are often not around. However, when you sit and talk to them, you know that they are the warmest soul you have ever come across. Even when life handed lemons these Neighbors are always up to offer a spoonful of sugar and make lemonade with everyone. 

Jim Carrey

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Everyone loves them! They are the life of the party and usually the one with infectious energy. When they are around, the world looks funnier. They have a funny bone and people love that about them. If you bump into them there are no awkward silences or mundane conversations as they are usually the conversation starters and will often crack you up with a witty remark. If there’s one in the Neighborhood who can turn a dull day into an interesting one then it’s this Neighbor. 

We all know the perks of being a Neighbor of a well-known person. From sudden admiration to people wanting to start conversations with you, there are endless benefits. Tell us about your famous Neighbors below and get a free chance to make others envious of you!

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