Technology is an enormously powerful tool which makes it easy to stay in touch with friends and relatives across the globe. It also provides us with tremendous information and entertain us. But at the same time, it has contributed to a more isolated life for people. There is no face to face connection with real people. Earlier, everyone in neighborhood knew each other by names. But now a days, because of our busy schedules and technologies, the connections between neighbors are vanishing. The feeling of loneliness has increased, which is the big health issue. This is something that we need to take seriously for our health. If we start interacting with more people, that might solve the social isolation and loneliness problems.

With Nebory, we believe we can help connect people around the home where life happens the most. We help building deeper connections with the people nearest to us. Together we can cope up with loneliness and social isolation in our local communities. A quick communication at a local store or a small talk with neighbor might help in dealing with social isolation or loneliness.  Well-connected neighborhoods have great impact on quality of our life.

How to deal with loneliness?

There are different ways to overcome loneliness and social isolation. Nebory helps you build smarter neighborhood and deal with this. Remember that, loneliness is temporary and you can deal with it. And you will always find a community that nourishes you.

1. Lay Off Social Media
Online global social network creates an illusion of connectedness but it actually makes us feel lonelier.  People who spend more time on social media, have the more risk of depression and social isolation. A small talk over a coffee may change your mood and makes you feel positive. Face to face contact is always preferable than online contact.

With Nebory, you can interact with people online as well as you can get in touch with trusted neighbors and invite them over a coffee meet.

2. Pet lovers
If you are a pet lover, it’s always good idea to spend some time with animals whenever you feel low. With the help of Nebory, you can get connected with like-minded people, so you can always find people in your area who love pets and go out with them for dog walking or you can visit animal shelter in your area with them. Pet owners have better social and communication skills and engage more in community activities. The interactions with new people or pets can help build positive connections and you might feel happy.

3. Exercise
Exercise can encourage you to engage your body and also your mind which helps to deal with loneliness. Yoga, Gym, or morning walk can help you pay attention to the sensation in your body and distract you from loneliness. Find out Gym or yoga classes in nearby area and do it in the group to increase enthusiasm. You can also go for morning walk with your community group for fresh morning air.

4. Establish New Hobby
Look for the activities or if you can develop a new hobby where you will be around people. With Nebory, you can find like-minded people in your community. Keep yourself busy in activities which you always wanted to do or which attracts you such as photography, nature walk, or painting. Look for classes or groups in nearby community, which welcome beginners and you can get knowledge and learn new things from them.

5. Laughter Club
Laughing just heels the mind. Laughter club is the group of people who get together to laugh as a form of exercise. Laughing reduces stress level and improves person’s sense of well-being. You can always find or create Laughter club in your community with help of Nebory, which will help you feel more connected to the people around you.

Together we can deal with social isolation and loneliness. At Nebory, we provide a platform that will build stronger neighborhood by connecting people with a clear purpose. So, make your neighborhood network wider and stronger.

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