Being stay at home mom is not that easy task. It is like doing a full time job. But you get extra time in between your household work, and it has its own advantages. In today’s digital world, it is possible for you to work from home. But, it doesn’t have time flexibility. If you choose to be stay at home mom, there are many work options for you in that extra time. You may want to work in extra time to make some money. Or if money is not primary reason, you may want to work just to fill up your day.

Here are few ways for stay at home mom to make some money by sitting at home.

  • Home Baker
    If you have passion for baking, you can turn this passion into business. Now a days instead of buying cakes from bakery, people prefer homely made customized cakes. You can easily get orders from your neighborhood. Use Nebory app, to join your neighbors and let them know about your business.
  • Personal Blogs
    Personal blogging allows you to focus on the topic that you enjoy the most. And you can work as per your schedule. This is one of the most flexible jobs you can have. It takes a lot of work in the beginning but with consistency you can earn nice amount of money.
  • Salon at Home
    You can start a home salon business. You will be your own boss. So, you can decide when to schedule an appointments. You can schedule an appointment for clients only in your free time. To broaden your customer base, offer range of services.
  • Babysitting
    If you have raised kids and experience in taking care of them, you can start a daycare at your own house. You can keep one assistant if there are many children in daycare. This is the best business a homemaker can run.
  • Data Entry Jobs
    Data entry job does not require any training or tool. It can be done just by sitting at home. You just have to copy text from word or pdf file to another word or excel file.
  • Artist
    Start any business if you have artistic skills. If you love to paint, you can do paintings in extra time as per your flexibility and sell paintings online. You can arrange exhibition of your art and sell them.
  • Jewelry Making
    Jewelry making is also a kind of art. You can earn profit out of it. You can take customized orders and make your customers happy.
  • Online Teacher
    If you have teaching background, you can create video lectures or arrange online lectures. The growth of online courses has been increased these days.
  • Candle Making
    You can learn candle making in just one day workshop or hobby classes. With very low investment, you can start making and selling homemade candles.

With Nebory, you can get connected to nearby moms and get plenty of ideas from them. You can also start joint venture and get benefited.

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