Our quality of life depends on where we live. Neighborhood is the place where we make friends for life, we spend much time of life, and our children grow here. So, make your neighborhood a great place to live.

There are many creative ways to improve area where you live.

  • Community Garden
    Utilize common area in your community to convert it into beautiful garden. Gather with your neighbors to clean the area and then plant some beautiful flower trees. It will make you all feel fresh and get a beautiful view when you enter into neighborhood.
  • Put Benches
    Put benches in front yard or common area for old age people so that they can spend their mornings or evenings together. This will make your neighborhood lively.
  • Clean up Drive
    Run clean up drive and ask people to come voluntarily to clean the nearby area. Pick up trash and make your community clean and healthy.
  • Play Area
    If there is no play area in your community then create one. It helps children to grow physically. Encourage kids in your area to come out to play and be active. You can put warning signs for vehicles saying ‘Kids at play’.
  • Community Newsletter
    To keep updated and informed everyone in the neighborhood about what’s happening in your community, you can start a community newsletter.
    This will also encourage the writers, designers in the neighborhood.
  • Wall Art
    If you have a fencing or sidewalk walls, paint them with art. This is inspiring for both artist as well as people walking around. Put inspiring messages through paintings.
  • Plant Trees
    Plant trees around the community wherever possible. It will give your neighborhood fresh air.  This will enhance your community and make it livable. You can start a trend of planning tree on special occasions.
  • Trash Containers
    Throw garbage in trash bin. Transform trash containers in to piece of art. This will encourage kids to throw trash in a bin. You can paint the trash containers and convert them into some cartoon character or animal like penguin, rabbit, or ice-cream cone.
  • Make a Library
    Create your little library where anyone in your community can take or keep a book. Or they can sit and read there itself. You can arrange story telling session for kids. There is nothing greater than sharing a knowledge.
  • Welcome New Neighbors
    Whenever a new neighbor joins in the community, welcome them with a simple treat. Introduce them to neighborhood. This way newcomer will not feel left out, and they will join the neighborhood with more enthusiasm.
    With the help of these tips, you can make your neighborhood a better place and make the environment healthy and happy. You can build a safer and secure community. This is beneficial for you as well as your children.

Use Nebory for social togetherness. Together we can achieve goal as a community. Nebory will help you to build not just better but the smarter neighborhood. So, make your network stronger and smarter and build a better neighborhood.

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