“ Na Bhuto Na Bhavishyati “ never in our lifetime we would have thought in our wildest dream that almost entire world will be in standstill at the same time like this; otherwise we all are running with all our available strength behind some endless ; pointless pursuit. Seeking material possessions; monetary rewards; status etc…. is there any end to this!!! Few days ago if this question was asked then we all might have answered that no end to this rat race at least not in this lifetime.

But suddenly this unprecedented crisis came and everything stopped for a while irrespective of caste; creed; rich; poor; geographical boundaries seems like giving all of us chance to think “What are we actually running for!!!!

The happiness we all are seeking outside is with us only , it resides in our house with our family; it’s within our self.

You don’t need to go somewhere out to meditate or exercise or work relentlessly day and night to fulfill material requirements of our own self and others.

We just need to give some time to our own self; to our people; they really do not need all the material possessions it’s our absence at home or lack of quality time with them is forcing them to find that happiness in material life and eventually replacing it with the material.

We tend to go with what is popular; what is “safe “envy successes of others; and forget how to write our own success story or how to find our own real happiness.

Even in this quarantine period due to social media over exposure we are not actually free from rat race although we are not working in offices but we are spending most of our time on various apps; chatting; posting and viewing status either on Whatsapp;Instagram or Facebook etc…now past one week there is a sudden wave of “TO DO LIST “ on social media, many will post many stories; they will want you to tag them; post the pictures, etc… but remember it’s an unique opportunity that superpower/nature has bestowed upon us to take charge of our own life ;do not live someone else’s life; do not go by what they want you to do rather take action in your life what you want to really do may it be just relaxing or sleeping; you may not have slept so deeply and nicely for a long time…….. Or follow your gut feelings.

I mean just do whatever you want to do man eat; sleep; read; play with kids; watch movies ; web series which you always wanted to watch; spend some quality time with parents; wife etc…….. But live your own life that will impact you and people around you who are your real family.

Escape from this rat race it does not mean unfollow people or quit social media opting out of this rat race can be more than that. It means revisit the part of your life together; reflect on your own value; change your life.

We all are running behind the piece of cheese which is kept in front of us may be at office; gym or any commercial outlet or social media tricks to keep the employees or customer running relentlessly. The knowledge is that the cheese is there to keeps us running apart from safety and security feeling of comfort zone.

For example running on a treadmill in a gym may help me to slim down build up my cardiovascular system but what if my life is akin to the working out in the gym only so do I get anywhere???

Following a various schedules on social media e.g. Yoga practice or meditation & workout schedule designed by someone else is all like that piece of cheese.

Is life really about this piece of cheese? I mean people give up their dreams of may be dancing; writing a novel; cooking & so on for the sake of chasing the cheese at the cost of their own health and loved ones.

So run out in the field…. No…No… do not go out in this lockdown for running!
I mean explore your own self; your inner field ;follow your own instincts; design your own schedule; workout as per your capacity; health conditions and time; then choose your own guide as per your choice.
You never know you stumble upon a cheese factory.
It is also about the freedom to reach your full potential; to take the less traveled road and not join the herd.

Lastly this lockdown taught us that we are not in ultimate control of our lives; we are inextricable part of the nature & that Nature, that superpower knows best & is in control. Hence simply surrender your ego to that Power & allow it to live & let live other species as well as we human co-exist with other animals.


–By Bhagyashree Sangodkar

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