Moving to new city or new place is not an easy task. It is stressful. But there could be many reasons that you have to relocate to new place such as small apartment for growing family, job change, marriage, neighbor problems, high rents, or maintenance issue, etc. You have to keep track of many things before you start actual shifting of the things. Sorting and packing of household items could be more hectic. You need to buy boxes, sort and pack items, discard unwanted things. Then book a truck or take help from moving company. All this process is very stressful and not that easy.

Once you safely reach your new home and start unpacking the things thinking of starting a new exciting life, it strikes you that you don’t know anyone in your new community and you have no idea where to start. Nebory, the private social networking app for neighborhoods comes to the rescue. Nebory helps you to connect to your neighbors and get to know each other. So you can always take advice and local recommendations from your neighbors.

If you are moving with kids, the first thing you need to know is the best school in your area and register your kid to that school. But you have no idea about the nearby schools in the area as you are new in the community. With Nebory, you can talk to people in the area and ask for best schools and school reviews. Check if all the utilities in the house are running properly or not. You might need to call internet service provider in your area. Also check for bugs, if any maintenance is needed.

You need to know basic things like nearby grocery shop, medical, nearby hospital, plumber, pest control services. For all this help you can always use Nebory.

Generally, moving out to new place makes us feel lonely and depressed as we are new in the area. But with Nebory, there is nothing more exciting than moving to a new place. You get to know people around you, you can talk to them or invite over a coffee. Talking to people around you makes you feel fresh and also you can ask for their help and gain knowledge about your neighborhood.

Once you are done with unpacking and settled down with your kid’s routine, you can start going out and making friends. Join yoga classes or hobby clubs in nearby area. With Nebory, you can get connected to like-minded people in your neighborhood.

After all, Happiness doesn’t have just one address. So, move out of your comfort zone and try something new.

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