In today’s day to day struggling life, we need to maintain balance between office work, social, and personal life. When we come home after daily routine, we look for peace and calm. So, our clean, organized, and clutter-free home makes a world to us. It needs your efforts to maintain the house clutter-free.

If you are not good at organizing things, with the help of Nebory, you can find and hire a professional cleaner and organizer near you.

In your house, each room has a different way to keep it organized and clean. Few tips and hacks can help you to do it in better way.

Living Room:
Make sure everything has a place. When everything has a place, it’s easy to find the things and also easy to clean up. Keep your living room less messy with minimum things in the room. It will make you feel fresh when you enter the house. For those who can’t keep the living room clutter free, the greatest hack is to keep storage basket or a large bin in the living room to throw books, magazines, newspapers, or other items when not in use. Make a habit of cleaning coffee table every morning or every night before you go to bed.

Make your kitchen as user friendly as possible. Generally, our kitchen drawers are full of unnecessary items.  The first thing to do is, remove all the items from kitchen drawers. Wipe each and every drawer clean. Then make groups of items, gadgets, cutlery, kitchen towels, etc. Throw out the broken items or the items which you are not using anymore. Make use of expandable drawer dividers which can be adjusted to fit almost any drawer. These dividers allow you to separate the kitchen items category wise. Use utensils holders for mostly used utensils. It will make some more space in drawers.

We always have trouble keeping under the kitchen sink section clean and tidy. To keep it clean, keep minimum things under the sink. It will help you to find the things easily and also it will keep that section clean.

Put a nice table runner on dining table. It looks pretty and stops you from putting everything on the dining table when you come home. You can also put decorative items like flowers, candles, or ornaments.

A simple task of making your bed every morning can make you feel accomplished and organized for the rest of the day.

Wash your bed sheets and pillow covers after every week. Keep your closet organized, get rid of anything that doesn’t fit you anymore. To keep your closet organized, categorize your clothes as shirts, pants, dresses. Make use of hangers, it will save some space in wardrobe.

Color code bath towels to save the confusion of which towel belongs to whom. If you have younger kids with bath toys, organize their bath toys and make a separate space for them. If you are too busy to clean bathroom, call nearby professional cleaner. Put air freshener for odor elimination and to feel pleasant.

There is no place like your home. The ultimate luxury is to relax and enjoy your home.

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