How to start conversation with your neighbor

Connect To Your Supposed Neighbors

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Talking to neighbors and exploring the neighborhood was not an alien concept to our parents and grandparents as much as it is to us. If you ask them about it, they’ll tell you the magic of exchanging sugar over a cup of tea and celebrating festivals with each other’s families. 

Nuclear family set-ups with almost no time to spare from our 24-hour day have left us with little to no connections with our neighbors. We are acquainted with very few people in our neighborhoods these days. At Nebory, we are trying to bring the good old days back by connecting you with your neighborhood. If you are still worried or a little anxious about taking the first step to making new friends around you then read on and learn how to start a conversation with your ‘to-be’ neighbors or your current new neighbors.

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Talk more than just basic introduction

You obviously tell your name to the person you meet but think this person is going to be your neighbor can he know more about you? Of-course YES, so don’t hesitate to tell them about your hobby maybe that could be your mutual hobby! Or tell them about your child’s school may be your child will get a school mate in the form of neighbor also you may ask them your doubts, you are going to shift there so it’s OK to ask some questions


Questions are not only a great way to know more about your neighborhood but a great tool to know how helpful your neighbors are. Don’t forget to ask these basic questions about your area to know whether both your neighbors and neighborhood are suitable for you or not.

How is your experience with this place?

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This is fairly an open-ended question and different people will tell you different stories. It could be about their first purchase, their childhood memories or just about how this neighborhood became their introduction to the city itself. No matter, what the stories are, be patient to listen to each of their stories. After all, it’s possible that you might also find yourself in their shoes after a few weeks, sharing your own stories of staying the neighborhood with the newbies.

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What do you do?

Interacting with people from same as well as different backgrounds is always great. With like-minded people, you can share your similarities and with people coming from different backgrounds you can listen to different perspectives. Either way having all kinds of people will enrich your social interactions.

What are the Unique things about this locality?

This will help you to understand how much neighbors know each other. If they are well-connected then they’ll be possibly celebrating all kinds of occasions together. If they are not friendly and keep to themselves, then the neighborhood will rarely have any events. 

How long have you lived here?

If your neighbor has lived at the place for quite a while you will know that this will be your go-to person to inquire about anything and everything in your neighborhood. You will also come to know how the place has evolved from what it was originally to now. It is always a delight to delve into the history of your neighborhood and listen to timeless stories.

How are the travel routes from here?

Traveling to and from work is the inevitable ritual everyone goes through all their lives, so try asking them about the auto stand nearby or the timing of the bus which passes by the stop near the main gate.


Enquire about the necessity!

Ask them is there any grocery and medical store nearby, because a nearby grocery store always comes to the rescue and the medical store is cherry on the cake because being an Indian, we go more to the medical stores for cold and cough than to a doctor

Don’t forget the basics

While buying the shelter don’t forget about the electricity and water ask if there is any load-shedding or are there any specific timings for water supply and you may also go ahead ask which cellular company gives the worst signal here or the Wi-Fi connection which give best signal because the Mobile and Wi-Fi are recently added in the list of basics.

Tell them about your family

Introduce your family to your neighbors. There’s nothing like a hearty greeting from a family after all. By introducing your family to your neighbors, you bring them in your closer circles. You no longer remain just strangers living side by side but become a part of each- others inner circle.