Famous quotes hiding the importance of neighbourhood and neighbours

Famous quotes hiding the importance of neighbourhood and neighbours

We have all loved our bedtime stories while growing up. These stories often had hidden lessons in them and we were often asked to memorise the moral of the story. If you, too, remember your childhood like this then it is very likely that you remember those stories and the lessons they taught you as well. However, those moral of the stories had more than one lessons hidden in them. We take a look at few such sayings that were teaching us the importance of neighbours and good neighbourhood all along. 

It takes a village to raise a child

We have heard this in various scenarios. However, many of us failed to notice how this phrase emphasizes the importance of good neighbourhood. Village means everyone beyond the household of four walls. And how can we ignore the fact that beyond our doors the nearest contacts are our neighbours? Whether or not we have a social circle that is as large as a village, at least our neighbourhood definitely can be counted as a village in itself where we thrive. Selecting a safe and secure neighbourhood plays a valuable role in shaping your kid as an individual. The kids in the neighbourhood end up becoming some of the first friends your kid will make, the parks and the recreational centres is where your kids will be spending considerate amount of time. Hence, it’s safe to say that may be not an entire village but it definitely takes a whole neighbourhood to raise a child. 

You are the average of five people you spend your time with

While this phrase or saying is said mostly in terms of our friends and colleagues many forget that our neighbours sometimes end up being the people we spend most of our times with. If we count the number of times when we come across our neighbours on a daily basis then it’s more than we would realize. However, these daily interactions are more impactful than we think. The quality of conversations and the kind of bond you share with your neighbours speak volumes about you. People we meet regularly influence our behaviour and social interactions to a great deal. For example, if you have a neighbour that is warm and helpful you will at some point try to be equally warm and welcoming towards them. These subtle changes will then reflect on your other social interactions. What better than learning how to become a better person from your neighbourhood pal?  

What goes around comes around

This phrase explaining the spiritual concept of Karma also emphasizes the reasons to be friendly with your neighbours. Have you ever exchanged few sweets with your neighbours only to get treated with a hearty dose of such tasty delicacies in return? Hence, when you give something it always returns to you. So, if you treat your neighbours well they will treat you well too, creating a happy neighbourhood every time you build such a bond with your fellow neighbours. Say, ‘Love thy neighbours’ and set precedence for how to be a good neighbour. 

 2 is a company 3 is a party

You must have heard the other version where 3 is noise. However, with neighbours it becomes a party! Take lessons from this phrase and don’t just limit yourself to your immediate neighbours. Log on to Nebory and find more neighbours to connect in your neighbourhood. Some will connect with you over shared interests others over the same issues. Whatever the reason, build more cohesive connections in your neighbourhood. In an age when people are struggling to build authentic connections why not connect with ones who are already around? Make as many neighbourhood friends as possible and let your next party be full of excitement. After all, the more the mania!

The conversation doesn’t just reshuffle the cards: it creates new cards. – Theodore Zeldin

A much unknown quote by an Oxford scholar summarizes the power of conversations. Conversations are incredibly powerful. Having a conversation with your neighbour when you barely find time to say Hello might sound like a far-fetched dream. However, conversations are a powerful tool to change this behaviour little by little. Everyone complains about having just social media relationships with no depth but nobody stops to hold a real conversation to create sustainable bonds. Zeldin definitely points out the importance of conversations. We can surely create new cards with new found friends when we start conversations. So, how about you stop by this weekend for a cup of coffee at your neighbour’s or you invite them for tea instead?

In our enclosed apartments, we seldom realize the magic of building connections with our neighbours. If these sayings haven’t inspired you enough how about you sit with your grandma today and listen to one more story – preferably about her neighbourhood.