The friendship day is long gone and for those of you who are celebrating a friendship month, the time is fleeting by. These days having true friends by your side is a luxury. In an age, when this playful yet unconditional bond has turned lukewarm, we are taking refuge in the fictional world. So, if you haven’t been able to celebrate the friendship day this year, do not worry as these fictional neighbor-cum-BFF pairs are here to compensate with a hearty dose of their soul-warming bonds. 

Penny & Sheldon


These neighbors were similar yet so different from each other. The glamorous struggling actress and asocial geeky scientist are a weird combination for a BFF pair. Usually, the pop-culture would have made a typical love story out of this – geeky guy with pretty girl. But this pair stood its ground of portraying a unique bond. Sheldon’s antisocial tendencies did not keep away Penny from becoming his closest confidante showing us that no matter what, the unconditionality of this bond is strong enough to break all the barriers we built around us. So, if you are feeling blue for not having a BFF with all the Friendship day celebrations around then may be a knock on the next door is all it’s going to take to find your kind of weird. 

Joey & Chandler

This BFF-cum-neighbor pair set records in the pop culture. People all over the world fell in love with their eccentricities. FRIENDS was one of the few shows that went on for 10 years and became every 90s child’s introduction to the USA. And Chandler and Joey’s bond was definitely one of the biggest contributors behind the show’s enormous popularity. The friendship was not only heart-warming but also unconventional for its time. Joey’s unabashed expression of affection for Chandler was a taboo in the world of Fight Clubs that time and it surely did melt our hearts. It’s safe to say that Joey spoke for all of us with his adorable possessiveness for Chandler every now and then. 


Monisha and Maya

Though many will agree that they were one of the best pair of neighbors on television but will definitely roll your eyes when I say that they were also inseparable friends. Their bittersweet bond had our hearts for all these years. But beyond their disagreements both Maya and Monisha had soft corner for each other. Their bond, quarrels and all the heart-warming moments showed us that friendship goes beyond all the existing norms of class, tastes and broke stereotypes about mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship.  


Keshav and Dilruba from Shrimaan Shrimati 

Though the show was based on two neighbors hitting on each other’s wives their bond was what all the viewers fell for. When the television was witnessing its golden years ‘Shrimaan Shrimati’ was one of the treasured jewels of this golden period. While we knew that both the neighbors were always at logger heads we were swept off by their occasional display of affection and cordial bond. 

Movies, stories, and books have served us some of the sweetest slice of life cakes and the above fictional characters surely were some of our best memories of unconditional friendships. If you haven’t celebrated friendship day yet with your besties then rerun of all the above shows is sure to be a great celebration. For a change, you and your friends can binge watch something other than Netflix.

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